The First Lead Generating Training Newsletter for Business Owners Who Want to Ethically Win High-Paying Clients and Raving Customers


Lead Generating Training Newsletter

"My promise: I will personally show you everything I've learned in the last 6 years about how to BOOST your traffic by 315%+, INCREASE your leads by 460%+, and fill your calendar, programs, and business with high-paying, raving clients"

Dear Friend,  

If you’ve ever wanted the feeling, freedom, and security that comes from having a steady and consistent supply of qualified leads being delivered directly to your business every single day then this letter will show you how.  

I’ve created a monthly newsletter called:  

“The Modern Marketing Machine”  

And it is packed FULL of my very best strategies, tactics, tips, tools, and resources to help you generate more, and higher quality leads. 

The "Modern Marketing Machine" is an offline (paper and ink) newsletter that contains my very best training on traffic, attention, and lead generating strategies delivered right to your front door every single month. In fact, the information inside is so valuable, effective, and exclusive that it MUST be physically mailed to you. No email to get lost in your inbox. No PDF to get misplaced on your hard drive. This information is NOT found anywhere else.


Shows people how to generate more leads, clients, and revenue online.

Each issue is filled with practical, actionable strategies that you can use to fill your calendar, programs, and business with your most perfect and ideal clients and customers. 

It contains a mixture of what’s working now both in my own businesses, my clients' and students' businesses, examples and analysis of high-performing content, and even templates and swipe files you can use the very same day to deploy the exact strategies in your business. 

My goal is to give you the gold without you needing to spend the time mining it so you can spend less time marketing and more time serving your clients.  

I want you to get your issue, tear through it in one sitting with a pen or highlighter in hand and then immediately USE the information inside to begin attracting a steady and consistent flow of your most perfect, ideal, high-paying, low-maintenance dream clients.  

If you have a good service that people want - and you use the methods inside this newsletter you can literally transform your business and make back your monthly subscription investment many times over.  

Sound too good to be true?  

It’s not.  

In fact, marketing your expert business this way is the only way that works now.  

Tragically due to years of other "professionals" and wannabe "experts" (ie, your competitors) scamming, spamming, harassing, and outright abusing the market - your potential clients have become scared, shy, sensitive, and frighteningly sceptical of most of the suggested online marketing tactics. 

No longer is providing a good service and a good offer enough to guarantee success. All that will get you now is mediocrity (at best) or a business that's forced to struggle and toil away in obscurity.

But there is another way.  

A better way. A more effective way. And a FAR more profitable way.  

And that’s what I show you inside this newsletter.  


You also get a few additional benefits when subscribing too. Benefits and bonuses unavailable anywhere else for any price, and benefits worth more than 10X the cost of admission.

The first of which is my signature training program…  

"The Authority Marketing Process"

This training program is mailed to your home. 

It’s a video training program of my signature “Authority Marketing Process” training program which previously sold for $1997 (and is no longer available anywhere for any price). It teaches the exact systems and methods I’ve used to create multiple successful expert businesses for myself, my clients, and my students, who have gone on to generate millions of dollars. It’s also designed to quickly bring you up to speed on the “Erhart Way” of authority marketing before you even receive your first issue. 

The AMP Method

Some of the tips inside this training include:

  • Why the top 20% of businesses are earning 80% of all the revenue (and how you can quickly and easily join this elite group) 
  • How to ethically infiltrate your prospects psyche and occupy the ONE mental space they have for a business like yours (making your competition completely irrelevant and forgotten) 
  • Why the traditional logic to “build it and they will come” will set you up for failure and disappointment before you even begin (and how to build it so they WANT to come).
  • The secrets behind "the most effective marketing strategy available" today (and the rarely talked about tactic that DOUBLES its effectiveness)
  • Jay Abraham’s “Strategy of Pre-eminence” (and how to become your clients most trusted advisor and the first person they call... every time. ) 
  • Essentialist Marketing Tactics: How to simplify your marketing (so you can do less... and get FAR better results) 
  • The importance of intellectual property (and the surprisingly simple way to become a thought-leader in your field) 
  • The counterintuitive advice to NEVER chase a client (Why you NEVER want to be the "Hunter" but instead want to be the "Hunted") 
  • How to transition your position from "selling" to "serving" (and how this makes getting twice as many referrals an inevitable reality)  
  • The strategy that will allow you to get 3X as many clients (and for half the effort - this strategy alone helped me build my first 6-figure business in just a few months) 
  • 3 strategies you absolutely must STOP using today (if you don’t want to destroy your credibility) 
  • The power of the “Customer Avatar” (and how to create, use, and leverage this powerful tool to make your prospect feel heard, understood, and cared about) 
  • The secret to being Omnipresent (and how to keep your business “top of mind” all the time) 
  • How to read your customers minds (so they feel truly heard, appreciated, and understood) 
  • The simple 5 minute strategy to knowing more about your clients than they do about themselves (and how to use this to create irresistible products and services for them) 
  • The “5 Why’s” behind what really motivates your clients to buy (and the powerful psychological principle this borrows from) 
  • Should you talk about price? (And if so... when is it a good idea to do so?) 
  • How to achieve the elusive "Doctor Status" (so you become the first person people think about when they have a question about your industry) 
  • An endless supply of your clients most frequently “not asked” questions (but the ones they secretly desperately want an answer to) 
  • Where to look online for the exact things your clients are searching for right now (so you can be the one to solve their problems and answer their questions... rather than your competitors) 
  • Why sometimes answering obscure or random questions is the fastest way to create authority (and where to find these questions) 
  • The perfect ratio of selling to teaching (how to provide value that compels your clients towards hiring you) 
  • A simple template to follow that ensures whatever you say, write, record, or do is most likely to be found (and consumed) by your clients (how to set yourself up for MAXIMUM success) 
  • The ONE form of content you should ALWAYS start with (which will give you the biggest bang for your buck) 
  • How to quickly create client acquiring content (even if you hate writing, have no idea what to say, and are scared of putting yourself out there) 
  • The simple strategy that allows you to turn a few minutes of chatting with friend into a months of value providing marketing material (saving you countless wasted hours trying to come up with new content) 
  • When you should blog, do video, or record a podcast (and when NOT to) 
  • The dangers of networking, referrals, and “hope” marketing (and what you should do instead) 
  • How to avoid the dreaded “Marketing Wasteland” (by making sure you follow the 3 M’s) 
  • How to promote yourself and your business on the most cost-effective, efficient, results-producing, and authority building network available today (and how to scale it up as your business grows) 
  • Which social media networks are right for your business (and which should you avoid like the time-sucking energy wasters they are) 
  • How to stay top-of-mind for pennies on the dollar (which allows you to increase touch points and greatly increases the likelihood of a sale)  
  • The simple email strategy that builds trust like nothing else (this strategy boasts an average 4500% return on investment) 
  • How to ensure you’re doing the right things, in the right place, at the right time, for the right people (making marketing overwhelm a thing of the past) 
  • And much more, including…  

The one thing you absolutely MUST do to your website TODAY to ensure a steady stream of new high-paying clients tomorrow (it takes less than 5 minutes)... How to make a small budget go a LONG way (this little “trick” makes it easy to compete and win against the giants in your industry)... And how to solve client objections before ever even talking to them (so they come pre-sold and ready to do business with you)... 

Short of doing all of your marketing FOR you...  

I Cannot Possibly Make It Easier For You To Become The Dominant Leader In Your Market

But hang on... we're still not done yet.  

The “Authority Marketing Process” training is just ONE perk you get.  

When you subscribe today you also get:  

  • Access to me for your marketing questions - As a subscriber you can ask me any questions you may have about marketing, advertising, content, email, video, social media (or anything else I’m qualified to answer) and I’ll personally reply to you. As much as I'd love to, I can’t be your personal pen pal (yes, there are some limits) but if you’re stuck, need clarification, some ideas, guidance, or a point in the right direction, just let me know and I’ll give you my advice. Nobody gets this level of access to me outside a very small number of family, friends, and clients. But you will get personal access when you subscribe to the Modern Marketing Machine.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions - Every month I host a private members only question and answer webinar where you can interact, engage, and get even more answers and clarity around your most pressing questions, These private sessions will take place live, but will also be recorded and available after for your records and review.
  • Special subscriber only discounts off my other products as well as all future products as they become available.
  • Access to my personal rolodex - After years in the business I’ve curated a list of high-level A-Players who can help with almost anything you may need. From copywriters to webinar experts, web designers to Facebook Ad ninjas, graphic designers to podcast producers and you get access to them all saving you the trouble of asking, “Does anyone know a good ________” 
  • Bonus trainings - At times I also include bonus coaching, training, or webinar sessions with other experts on related marketing topics (ie social media advertising, public speaking, book publishing, etc)  

What They're Saying...

"When it comes to creating practical, actionable, and results producing marketing strategies there is nobody out there better than Adam. Take his training, hire him, do whatever you need to do to get access to his insights."

-Colin Sauer

"Adam and his enthusiasm towards my business have made things come together for me as a practitioner. He is positive and gets results and I am so grateful for his input and knowledge as it has made such a huge difference. The genuine support that you receive from Adam is very rare in this world we live in."

-Brittany Filipetti

World class marketing solutions. That's exactly what Adam produces every single time. And the results he produces are absolutely incredible. If you own a business, you need him in your corner.

-Paul Drakes

Adam is one of the few guys that I’ve encountered in this industry that you can 100% trust to give rock solid advice every time. You can tell by his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge that he is incredibly passionate about what he does, and it shows up in his results. Just one simple suggestion from Adam helped us boost conversions in one step of our funnel by nearly 15%, literally overnight. 

-Glen Hoddinott

Adam is a true professional and well respected in our industry as sincere, credible, and committed to his clients results. His level of integrity and dedication to putting his clients' best interests first are part of what makes Adam my top referral partner.

-Nicholas Kusmich

So here's the deal:  

The Modern Marketing Machine is $97 per month available for a limited time at a discounted cost of $77 per month - and shipping is free to anywhere in the world - no matter what country you live in.  

There are no refunds on subscriptions. But, you can cancel at any time, for any reason at all.  

Here's how to tell if this newsletter is for you...

First of all... you should have a real business to subscribe. (ie you've generated at least some revenue)

So “wantrapreneurs”, “evil schemers”, or “get rich quickers” need not apply.


The Modern Marketing Machine is not for “info-junkies” who pride themselves on just collecting info (aka "shelf-help") rather than putting it into action… Or those who are broke or on a really tight budget (the newsletter is really good but I would not recommend subscribing to it if doing so requires taking out a loan)... Or “bizop” seekers who are constantly looking for the next “shiny object” and aren’t interested in building trust, a tribe, and a real genuine business around their expertise.  

If that’s you, then this is probably not your newsletter.  

And there are plenty of other surface level online training courses, sales pitch filled webinars, and "15 minute of fame" internet marketing "gurus" who will happily continue to lead you down a never-ending path of frustration and overwhelm.

But if you ARE committed to generating more leads, accelerating your traffic, and making a bigger impact then the time has come to join us.

Click the "Join Now" button below to give it a shot.  

The “Authority Marketing Process” training will be mailed to you immediately and you'll receive your first issue of The "Modern Marketing Machine" on the next scheduled mailing.  

(It goes to print the 1st week of each month)  

Click the button to get started:

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside,

Adam Erhart

Previous Client Results...

18,370% Return On Investment

From $0 to $104,000 Generated In 4 Months

$107,475 Revenue (from $13,841 Ad Spend)

Penny Video Views and Sub $1 Lead Cost